The Right Weigh

As a Bodyline client, you’re welcome to pop into your clinic any time we’re open to get weighed so you can keep track of how you’re getting on. If you have your own scales, here’s how to weigh yourself properly from the comfort of your home.

The first step is to make sure that your scales are on an even, hard surface as placing them on a carpet or uneven surface can give inaccurate readings.

If you’re the type of person that likes to weigh yourself all the time, make it a morning ritual. Hop on the scales each morning after emptying your bladder and wearing as little clothing as possible – this will show your “true weight”. You lose water weight over night as you sleep, and you gain weight over the day as you eat, so weighing yourself at the same time each morning should give you consistent and accurate results.

Research from the Journal of Obesity, published in 2015, has shown that those who weigh themselves every day have more success in losing weight and keeping it off. It’s thought you’ll make choices that day based on your weight fluctuation. If you’ve gained a pound, you’ll be more aware of what you eat that day and will therefore be more likely to skip a snack or make a healthier choice with your meals.

A pound here and there can quickly add up over a week or month, so make a daily weigh in part of your morning routine to stay on the road to success.

Good luck, and happy weighing!

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