Well-Being Week – How can you help others?

The Mental Health Foundation has set up a new fundraising initiative to help raise awareness of overall health and well-being – mentally, physically, socially and environmentally. Now in its second year, it’s been successful in providing a platform for self-care and other useful information about maintaining good mental health.

Despite rising incomes, employment levels and consumer spending increasing before lockdown was implemented, there wasn’t much shift in the level of reported happiness and well-being. And since COVID-19 sent us into self-isolated bubbles in March, it appears our collective state of mind is only getting worse.

If you’re feeling the pressure is taking it’s toll on your mental health, Well-Being Week could be the perfect time to share some ways to stay positive and improve the environment around you. We’ve put together some of our favourites ways to keep that positive mindset.


Taking just five minutes out to do something for yourself can have a really positive effect on your mental health and well-being. Make sure that you try and do something that you really look forward to and enjoy, and put time aside each day as if it was a doctor’s appointment that you can’t miss.

Sleep Well

Getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done. Not only does it leave you feeling replenished, but it helps your body to repair itself overnight and provide a more effective shield for the immune system. If you struggle sleeping, make an effort to get into a routine before you go to bed. Switching off from your phone, getting into pyjamas and cutting out caffeine earlier on in the day can all help you fall sleep and stay asleep for longer.


An act of kindness is a great way of creating a community spirit in your local area and will give you a feeling of joy – it’s scientifically proven!

Volunteering to benefit the community, giving to charity, or even just baking a cake for a new or elderly neighbour can give your neighbourhood a boost of team spirit. And you’ll notice that the kindness will quickly spread! Similarly, looking out for family and friends that may need a little pick-me-up if they’re going through a tough time can bring you closer – even the smallest gestures can make a huge difference to other people’s lives.

So, whether you take time out for yourself or for someone else, now more than ever is the time to show some kindness and tolerance for one another and make the world a better place.



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