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What to Do With Your Christmas Leftovers.

21 Dec 2019 Bodyline Admin

Some people might say that the best part of Christmas is all of the food left over from your Christmas dinner… The delicious scraps can be eaten days after the festivities have ended, but here’s some innovative low-calorie ways that you can make them stretch even further and not let anything go to waste.


Christmas Sandwich

Simple is sometimes best, and with a Christmas sandwich you just can’t go wrong. Get a wholemeal crusty bun and load it up with whatever food you might have left in the fridge – gravy on the side for dipping and all. Try to keep away from extra sauces inside and add salad if you need it topping up to keep it as low-calorie as possible. We’re not drooling, you are…


Turkey Curry

Are your leftover turkey carvings just crying out for a new lease of life after just being sat in the fridge for a day or two? Turkey tastes amazing in a biryani or other similar curry – the smoked flavours from your Christmas dinner will partner beautifully with some chorizo or some citrus fragrances. Tomato based sauces tend to be the healthiest options and remember to use low-fat spray instead of oil.


Mix and Match Cheese

Turn your odd bits of cheeses leftover from your cheeseboard into a classic cauliflower or macaroni cheese dish and serve up during the week. The combination of all the different flavours will blow your mind and we guarantee that you’ll be licking the bowl clean.


Make a Hash of It

Grab all the stuffing, potatoes and other veggies that you’ve got and turn them into a festive hash. This rustic dish is easy and quick to prepare, and can be garnished with whatever herbs you fancy.


Festive Soup

If you’re really stuck with what to do with all your leftover scraps, chuck them into a blender and create a Christmas soup that you can enjoy with some toasted bread for dipping on the side. The smell will fill the house and should bring a smile and a warm feeling to anyone that walks into the room.



So, remember to be smart about your leftovers this year and make the most out of your Christmas dinner with these easy steps!

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