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The Best Calorie Counting Apps.

6 Jan 2020 Bodyline Admin

The secret to weight loss is really very simple – burn more calories than you consume. Working out is the easy part, but doing the maths and staying on track with a calorie counted diet can sometimes be really tricky!

By logging your meals in an app, not only will you be able to see how many calories you eat, but you’ll get an insight into your eating patterns and you may be able to see where you’re going wrong with mealtimes and snacking. The act of taking a moment to consider what you’re eating and logging it could make you think smarter about what you choose.

So, here’s some of our top apps to help you keep on track this year.



The Fitbit tracker helps you monitor your calorie intake, step count, heart rate, sleep cycle and much more as well as being water resistant. You can input foods manually or scan the barcode to log your intake from a database of over 350,000 foods. At a glance you can look back on your meal history and gain nutritional insight to help you stay on track.

You can purchase the Fitbit Versa, a watch that is best for fitness beginners, for £149.99, but you don’t have to own the watch to use the free app as it will sync with your smartphone.



Said to be the queen of diet and fitness, MyFitnessPal has a database of over five million foods that you can enter both manually or by scanning the barcode on your packaging. With the added bonus of the app remembering your eating habits, you don’t need to re-enter recipes each time you make them. It even works out things such as protein content so you will have a greater insight into your eating habits.

Although MyFitnessPal is free for iOS or Android users, there is an upgrade option that gives you access to deeper analytics on your diet, VIP support and an advert free experience.


Lose It!

This calorie counting app has helped its users lose a total of over 80 million pounds, so it’s hard to argue it’s credibility. By entering your height, weight, age and gender, it calculates a personalised calorie budget for you to stick to. Similarly to the other apps, it lets you enter or scan your food intake to count calories, or you can take a photo of your meals with the “Snap It” feature for a more visual approach.

Again, Lose It! is free to use, but there is an upgrade option available for just £38.99 annually that will give you access to support chat rooms, as well as daily or weekly run downs of your progress.


So, whether you choose to track your calories on paper or on your phone, this is sure to be a one-way ticket to losing weight this year.

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